Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Colin Moffett lives in Northern Ireland and we became friends through Christian Web Sites about four years ago. .. As a thank you for sending me a CD of some of his songs, sung mostly by another friend, Joyce Close, I decided to surprise him and record one of them, (Take Me To The Throne), with a different tune.. He actually liked it and from that point on we have collaborated with his beautiful words and my melodies, keyboard and singing. .. Colin writes awesome poetry and is an amazing songwriter, and videographer. He put together all of the videos that you see below. . He has one of the most beautiful gardens in No. Ireland, which he has sculpted all by himself, and he's also an excellent artist .. A man of many talents, for sure. . And a very dear friend, as well. .. You can check out his Sites by clicking on His Links on the Sidebar. .. You will be blessed! ... Thank you for listening and God Bless!